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Chicken Maker
July 05, 2016

Site Remodel Nu 2

Hello, I've decided to do some design stuff on the site and mobile site because I know how to computer and I'm a little bored of this one. Um I didn't actually do anything last time I said this so you may not believe me, but it is the case. I will be keeping the general color scheme in tact, but new things on the banner. Everything on the side bar getting redone or removed. Probably also revisit the various pages and decide if I still even want those. At the very least the top left of the site name up there has been bothering me. I can't believe I didn't notice that swoosh was so shaky until I started doing the wallpapers.

So, this is the teaser/warning. Expect things to randomly come and go from the sidebar in the next week or so as I mess with it until I post another announcement.

Also I like silhouettes. They look like they aren't any work but I think I spend more time on them than I do other things. Since it's like that I don't do them often. I mean they're extra work and look lazy. Clearly a terrible choice.

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