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Chicken Maker
November 13, 2016

Defeating Steel Fowl

That thing, the Contraption, I had long forgotten it and the shining vision of camaraderie it showed back then. After the Steel Fowl was let out for a test of all things I had given up hope, but it was pushed away by that mysterious robot. Before the Steel Fowl could cause real trouble The Contraption dove into its chest and sent it flying.
Dr. Valence Fowliski.

A while back I tried to just kind of force a plot, but because there was nothing to go off it didn't really work out. I kind of implied that I would be doing this when I introduced Steel Fowl though, and going ahead and doing random sequels and cross overs seems like a better way to establish some sort of questionable psuedo-setting than the last thing I did... Though that also featured the contraption.

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