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Chicken Maker
November 30, 2022

Gray Skies – November 2022 Wallpaper

The barren tree branches crossed over the gray winter sky. The wandering fowl passed through the forest, unaware of the thieving birds hiding in the trees. Would they be bold enough to try something or were they just chicken?

This is a bit duller than most of the wallpapers have been. That makes it more appropriate for your work desktop background. Use it, but I probably won't.

Thank you as always to my Patreon supporters. You can support me if you want to support me. That way you could know this started out in grayscale.


  1. Fantastic wallpaper! This is what Prague, Czech Republic has looked like for the last three weeks. Chickens included. Clearly the sun tax has not been paid. Love your site. Was directed here through Allie Brosh’s site. Will be back. Keep up the great work!

    1. Please enjoy your visits and comment from time to time.

      Pleasantly surprised people are still being filtered here from Allie's site even after all of these years.