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Chicken Maker
March 19, 2012

With the 700th Post I Deliver 700 Chickens

Had to shrink this a bit so click to see full size version
With the 700th post I deliver 700 chickens. And at the bottom a golden chicken rides along the waves of silver one. Told you guys it'd be something good. Hope you enjoy this.


  1. Excellent! Suddenly I see a game of chickens...a cross between Joust and some mecha bullet hell...

  2. Thexder! That's the game. Thexder with a super robot jet-chicken.

  3. Thank you Chicken Maker for constantly delivering chickens to my door, they're thick on the floor and still you do more. Book? Book?

  4. I like it. So, so YOU. :-)
    And yes, book? or perhaps more fittingly, bok?