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Chicken Maker
September 09, 2020

Single Stroke 2

I made several attempts at drawing a chicken in a single click. I'm not sure why the older ones are so rough though. I didn't spend that long on this one.

On that note the image I have called "Single Stroke" doesn't actually appear to be on this site, which is probably fine as it's quite bad.


  1. I'm not sure if you are aware chickens are direct dependents of dinosaurs by DNA evidence, they are specifically theropods (three toes, walk up right on two feet) related to T-Rex. I don't know if that mentally makes you a dinosaur artist or not. I don't know if you explain elsewhere about the reason you decided upon chickens, but I enjoy the chickens. They remind me of playing Zelda a Link to the Past and definitely not abusing the chickens who then would fight back as a pack... (ok it did happen). Thanks for the inspiration to keep looking for my hidden talent and be open to sharing whatever it is. 🐔

    1. Keep looking and you'll find something you're uniquely good at, even if it's something ultra-niche like MS Paint Chickens.