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Chicken Maker
December 23, 2020

Card Suits

These are old. I made them in September of 2017 and never followed up with my vague intent of making standard playing cards. I started thinking it was a good idea again and found them in a folder on my computer when I went to save some new half finished designs, which I suppose I'll find in a few years and post then.

Leaving aside any new designs let me talk about these ones. I don't remember my thoughts because I don't actually remember making these. Slightly less standard 4 color suits. Spades should normally be black in those scenarios, but as every suit has black being used for both the outline and the inner chicken, gray is an acceptable alternative. I like the spiral in the round suits, thought it does make the set less consistent.

I posted these on twitter, honestly assuming I posted them here forever ago and had simply forgotten.

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