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Chicken Maker
December 28, 2020


As a special request I have drawn "a nurse with a mask," which I assumed would be trivial. Except of course the classic "Nurse Outfit" hasn't actually been a thing since before I was born. Obviously a nurse just wears scrubs, like everyone else doing anything medical. With the level of detail we have on this site though it wasn't immediately clear it was a scrub rather than, for example, a v-neck tee. So we just toss some vague medical into the background, with the IV bag and random EKGs flying around. Back to making it clearly a nurse... I added the outdated nurse's cap. This site really relies on hats to identify things in the first place.

1 comment:

  1. A+++ better then anything I could of asked for!!!! Chickenmaker for the win!! Exceeding expectations yet again