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Chicken Maker
March 17, 2023

14 Years of Chicken Maker

Everyone! It's Saint Patrick's Day and more importantly the anniversary of

In the past year I did a few things but I absolutely did not make a coffee table book like I arbitrarily threw out last year. I'll set a more realistic expectation, like a pamphlet, for this year.

 Let's run through the annual throwback and enjoy these green variants. Special mention to Green Vines which is obviously already green.

Hatching is full of expectations

The flair of a hyper-stylized Silhouette Kill is barely even violent

The "Fantasy Sticker" series was actually finished this year, but not with Jester.

Across Space and Space was a very color focused piece so making it just green was hard

Doing a twitter art prompt thing was fun, and this Candlelit Coven was my favorite part.

I was having fun with this and with piercing green pupils these are even Better Eyes

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