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Chicken Maker
June 21, 2009

Dual Chicken - Prologue

This is the first release of the dual chicken project.  Dual Chicken is slit into two parts. The Exciting Part and the Boring Part. You don't really need to look at the Boring Part. but it'll make the Exciting Part slightly less confusing.

Boring Part
AFEM Report: Research Division, General Situation Report
The Mutations are accelerating rapidly over the last three years and appearing in many species. They are displaying in a wide variety of manners. The physical changes leave many of them not even resembling their original form.

The Association For the Elimination of Mutants[AFEM] has gathered a group of special Mutants implanted with [[STATEMENT RETRACTED]] to eliminate the ones they cannot control.

No mutations could be confirmed in the chicken that escaped containment. Regardless it cannot be left alone. A mutant has been dispatched to eliminate it.

Exciting Part

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