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Chicken Maker
November 09, 2009

Devious Monster

It came to my mind all at once. The horror it would show. I had to put my (digital) pen to (digital) paper before it fled away from me. The image had to come forth into the world.

This chicken has a shocking glare. The devious stare of the monstrous chicken are incomparable. Evil eyes, belonging to neither man not chicken, stared into your soul. The red lightning of his vision cracks through the mind.

The dark shadows falling upon his body bring a force upon the appearance. The jagged details scattered through the image increase the feeling of evil. At a glance it lacks nothing. When you give it some time though it feels lacking. I don't know what it's missing but there is a lack for something.

1 comment:

  1. I like this one. I *feel* this one. It's as if he sees inside of me. It's like he's measuring my worth as a man with his intense chicken stare.

    Somehow, after looking at this picture...nay, after being looked at by this picture, I feel like less of a man than I was before.

    This picture only lacks the essence of its onlookers. And that void, I suspect, will never be filled. This chicken has looked inside of me, but I've looked back - and I know he will never by satisfied until we all feel like fragile little boys and girls inside.