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Chicken Maker
November 08, 2009

The Moze Knows

Okay someone took me up on that "If you have a guest chicken" thing pretty quickly. I'm more than happy to accept it you understand.
This is a Spawn Chicken. It was made by "mozersmozer," a styling young lad. Now he actually sent me a jpeg earlier but he knew he should be ashamed of it and withdrew it because he's all sorts of awesome. He then remade it and submitted what you see now.

Now, I like it and all but I must say it gives me the impression of a penguin. Probably the lack of a waddle. I mentioned that to him and he just shot me a "Don't need it." so I'm sure he knew. The comb feels a bit tacked on since it lacks the shading the rest of the image sports but I can't really hold that against him.

I was a fan of Spawn so I can really appreciate this one. I can also say I wish those eyes were more glow-y.

Oh, anyone interested can see the one he withdrew here. Real awesome guy redoing it like that.

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