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Chicken Maker
March 19, 2010

Gritty Striding

The Gritty Striding is one of the artist's more recent pieces. The development of the style stands out in that at a glance the piece retains the same general feel as what it started with. However the lay of the darkness and strong contrasts between colors seem to have improved. The image as a whole is emptier, containing  more of the main element but without any background for it to stand against it has little to lean against on its failings. The sudden cut off of the right side leaves the image feeling unfinished. Overall the image presents a stark impression and powerful motion.


  1. The abrupt truncation of the legs leaves one feeling rootless, unmoored, gliding forward in a featureless whiteness of negative space.

  2. The feeling of motion is clear, you really feel the chicken striding forward. But where is he going? He seems tired but content, going toward the light and leaving the darkness behind. I think he's on the road, striding along one of those endless highways in the USA. The sun is setting but he knows that he's one day closer to his goal.

  3. I oddly, totally agree with both above discriminative interpretations.