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Chicken Maker
March 11, 2010


No, I didn't make the motion blur myself. I tried but it was beyond me without using Photoshop so I just Googled one. anyways this is Sonic the Hedgehog, only this one's a chicken. I'm sure you understand. It's not very complex. I like the Sonic eyes. I think they came out well. I may use it on some guys in the future.

I was inspired to make this one by Alex Day's song Sonic Doesn't Need a Story. You can listen to it at his website there, along with his other fancy songs


  1. the likeness is uncanny! if you squint your eyes, turn your head at a 37 and a half degree angle and stand about 3 feet away, it looks exactly like sonic!

  2. Sonic is my hero!!! Thank you for doing this!!!

  3. I'm glad you can see the uncanny resemblance XD

  4. For more Sonic goodness, srsly:

    You don't even KNOW