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Chicken Maker
March 31, 2010

Swiggly Chicken

This chicken is in an extremely excited mood so I set him up in a very swiggly way.  He's all ready to squack about and eat worms, or whatever it is he might feel like doing. His wings are especially scrappy so he's a new favorite. I also like the scrawled sort of feet.

And yeah, I've been a bit sporadic... mostly because Blogger is suddenly not allowing me to post images with my usual browser. I guess that's what I get for using a less popular browser. I like Opera, but I had to post this with Internet Explorer. Not really any excuse to argue. I might decide to mess around with a few other browsers.


  1. I love the scrawly feet too. He looks very scribbly and scrawly, pretty much all around.

    Not sure if chickens eat worms, though... :o)

  2. this what i look like right before a cake comes out of the oven!! except i'm not a chicken...