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Chicken Maker
January 04, 2011

Punk Chicken

Dear Chicken Maker, I've been looking through your blog and I really like what you I see. I stumbled across your guest posts, and I was inspired, I hope you like this chicken. He's a punk chicken, I apologise if you've already done one and I've missed it. I'll never be as good as you, but I just wanted to try my hand at chicken creation.

Oh, and I had one question as well. Do you have any tips you can give me, as a new blogger, on how to get my website seen by people. I've created a facebook fan site and have attempted to share it through friends, and friends of the friends and so on. How do did you get yours to be as popular as it is?

Many thanks Louie Neale of The Third Side Story ( ) :)

Okay. I got a fan chicken a while ago but I forgot to post it up, so here we go!

My issues with this chicken are as follows: Firstly. The image is WAY too big. It makes it hard to get a grasp of the whole picture. The wattle is a bit too off the face and attached to the beak rather than the face.(An easy mistake to make) The body is too large and doesn't peak off sharply enough.

But well.... you got passion Louie. And I can hardly expect someone's first attempt to be aces.

And as far as a punk chicken. I hadn't... though I did make a couple chicken punks.

As for advice. Facebook's lame. I almost never told a soul I knew about the site and almost all my traffic comes from the link posted on the extremely popular Hyperbole and a Half, which you should stop being one of the 10-bajillion rip-offs of. Though I suppose it would be more fitting to say that Hyperbole launched a whole genre of blogs, but regardless you'll never stand out unless you do it on your own. Which based on your latest turtle drawing... I don't know where I'm going with all of this. I have no idea how Allie found my site to begin with... I started to ramble about things...

My advice is to make a niche for yourself. There ain't nothin' like this site! And that is the only reason that I garner any interest at all. Also being totally awesome.


  1. You could have been a BIT nicer in your critique, lol.

    Here's some advice for her if she wants to market her blog some more. It's all about marketing, and getting your name out there. But quality content is important too. Still, I've managed to greatly increase my fan base by joining a few sites....

    Getting involved with those communities helps. So does keeping an active twitter, and participating in blog exchanges and doing guest posts. This gives you a chance to get the attention of some new readers for no extra effort on your part, beyond writing another post. is a good site to try out for that!


  2. Kaloo is the Simon Cowell of criticizing fan-created artwork. Harsh though his critiques may seem, they're of the utmost sincerity and only serve to better the artist.

    On a side note, I like the chicken and love your turtle.

  3. A blog about Chickens definitely is a niche that needed to be filled...for sure!

  4. Thanks for posting this ChickenMaker :) Means a lot! I wasn't intentionally copying Allie, but if it seems that way I'll make a bit more of an effort and personalises it more, and make it stand out more as MY work :) Thanks for the feedback, I and @Catherine, reading his other guest post criques, I wasn't expecting not harsh. I did come for the truth, after all :D