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Chicken Maker
January 24, 2011

Shades McCoolguy IV: Grey Trap

Shades McCoolguy is Back for a New Adventure!

Honestly I'm surprised his retirement lasted a whole year. I kinda expected to bring him back sooner honestly. I was a bit indecisive, but I decided to keep the cuts on his face. Also I considered making him start sucking, like Rocky in Rocky V, but I decided against it. 

After toppling The Colonel and the Seven Secret Herbs and Spices the great Shades McCoolguy went into reclusion in the mountains. It was more or less safe there, and while he wanted to help there wasn't much for him to do since no agency wanted him. Not PETA. Not the FDA. Even the English FSA hadn't been interested in his services. He'd expected it after what he pulled taking down those punks but he'd expected, or perhaps just hoped, to get back in one day.
While ranging around in the mountains he caught wind of one of his old cases. The Church was still active in the mountain town. His involvement with the Church had always been a bit strained. Especially considering what they'd done to his brother. They were nearly as bad as the Colonel and his gang. He wasn't getting paid, but he hit the streets to get the scoop on them. But as he started to get a handle on their new operation it was pretty obvious where it was taking him. Shades leapt to action, and fell right into their trap.
He was knocked out and de-shaded(also blindfolded) by some two-bit thug they'd hired. Right when he'd gone to confront them on their new operation. When he woke up captive he wondered if he'd made lost his touch. In the past he'd never have walked into such an obvious trap.

Well, I guess he does suck a little in this one, but that's just cause it's the set up. I mean he turned evil in the original. Also, in case anyone is mistaking this for anti-religious nonsense... I'm obviously referring to Church's Chicken. (Even if I am envisioning them as a bunch of guys dressed like ministers...)


  1. Looks like he's not doing so well! Can't wait to see how he gets out of this one! =p

  2. hello. i'm your reader from Malaysia and i just recently post an entry entitled Pirates of the Amsterdam 2. its a parody of POTC. so come by and have a look will ya? :)

    btw, i love ur chicken. its so chick. :D