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Chicken Maker
January 06, 2011

Is He A Hero

This man stands alone at the pinnacle of his craft. He has never done another harm, but while he is a man that could do nearly anything he hasn't acted to save many whose paths he crossed.. So one must ask themselves... Is he a hero?

Anyways I liked that smooth comb I made in that last picture so I stuck with it. And I tried letting the red engulf the eye, since well, it does. I may continue to do such. I'm not sure. Looking at this one it seems kinda like a super hero's mask.


  1. He is very super-hero-y looking....except for that whole....not-saving people thing.

  2. It's like some kind of mask/badass mohawk. I'm liking it.

  3. Definitely a hero...Most likely the people he doesn't save would have gone off to commit murder or something had he interfered.

    He knows what he's doing.

  4. you are so funny! I love this blog!! and i love chickens. I had a flock of 7 until one died and the rest were eaten (all in one night) by coyotes!! saddest day of my life.