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Chicken Maker
June 06, 2013


Hello Nathan. I noticed you're hitting up all my stuff. I'm pretty pumped about it. Tell all your friends. Stick around and be a regular if you like it. We could always use more of those.

This is the sort of thing that will make no sense out of context or in the future for someone else's archive binge I suppose. It's a perfectly good "Hi" though.


  1. Hello Kaloo! :-D I'm glad you noticed me noticing you!
    Hi Anonymous, it's good to feel welcome!

    I'm glad you used purple, as that is my favorite color. (Well, almost. Deep blueish purple is closer, but hey.)

  2. Two summers in the distant past,
    I had an urge (that didn't last)
    To write fun comments, chicken friend
    And read your blog from start to end.

    Until that fateful day and post
    I disappeared as if a ghost
    But I still kept the URL...
    At hunter.html.

    And now I have returned this day
    To read and write and laugh and say
    I'm sorry I had ever gone.
    So hi again! (And hi Anon!)

  3. Chicken Maker is still making chickens.

    Since my last comment, I have graduated from college, moved states 3 times, and held 6 jobs.
    I have changed my politics and my religion. I have fallen in love and had my heart broken. I made new friends, lost other friends, and regained old lost friends. My hair has begun to gray in earnest.

    And Chicken Maker is still making chickens.
    Fair play, Mr. Maker, sir. Fair play.

    1. Well, with a bit of luck I'll still be posting these next time you move states.