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Chicken Maker
June 26, 2013

Dual Chicken Vs The Squid Beast

Today I did a throw-back piece to the one series I made that actually maintained a fairly solid set of events. Dual Chicken is my favorite f the stupid things I've done, which reminds me the Plot have that I promised will be shifting in style to something more like Dual Chicken, with a series of images and a text section rather than a comic strip format.

Boring Part - Sunday Post Article
[...] It is unknown was happened to the beast that had been terrifying the coast recently but chunks of flesh believed to be its remains have been floating up to shore for several days and the police have announced that the beaches will be reopened at some point in the following weeks. [...]

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to this.
    By the way, as you know more about chickens than I do, if a secret militant organization of oh, 121 roosters, were trying to accomplish something in these United States, what would that thing be?