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Chicken Maker
November 29, 2013

1000: One-Thousand

This... This is my 1000th post. It's actually why my posting slowed down a bit. At first I was surprised to see how close it was, then I thought I should do something big. After that I started to think it didn't really matter. It was just another post. But I've been rather cheerful every hundred or so so I figured that would be no good. Of course I should do something big for the 1000th post, but I couldn't think of anything. Well, that's a lie. I went though several things, but in the end I wrote the number 1000 and that is what I've got for you all today.

I mean I made a pretty fancy 1000, and there are 1000 chickens on it. (That's why the pattern stops a bit short of the bottom)

Well, with a thousand posts knocked out maybe I can get some feedback. Anyone whose been here a while anything I've stopped doing that you enjoyed? Anyone new getting ready to run away because this is a strange site... don't?


  1. i like your site, its a welcome addition to those that i follow on twitter, love chickens :)

  2. This site teaches me a lesson in courage and determination... and passion.

  3. A great 1000th post, Chicken Maker! Impressive job! You and your chickens are shining beacons in a rather glum world.
    Best wishes!