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Chicken Maker


The following are interesting multi-part collections of Chicken Maker materials. Some are fun, while others were long spanning projects. Some were things I planned ahead of time and others I made up as I went, or came back to way later with some sort of follow up. This page isn't comprehensive, but if something you like isn't on here shoot me a message anywhere.

Ongoing Projects

The Epic of Beochicken
A lengthy poem accompanied by small black and white character illustrations. The grandest epic of the greatest of Fowl, BEOCHICKEN!

Monochrome 2022 Series
Needing to start a new project I arbitrarily did. There is no cohesive theme or order to these, but we're going to go through the rainbow and get a complete series of single color illustrations.
Red - OrangeYellow - GreenBlue - Indigo - Violet - Gray

Completed / Old Projects

Alphabet of Chicken
This rather inconsistent set of images is a full set of alphabet letters, which, along with the related Count the Chicken project contains all numbers and letters presented along with an array of chickens. Part of me would love to revisit this in a more consistent style, but that would, I think, be rather tedious.

Alphabet of Chicken
A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N.  O. P. Q. R. S. T. U. V. W. X. Y. Z. 
Count the Chicken
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Music Video Demonstration 

Chicken Heroics
The development and release of the tabletop RPG Chicken Heroics. You may be a chicken, but you aren't a coward.
The Chicken Maker RPG
Swords and Wands
Paper Miniatures
Character Sheet
Paper Miniature Photos
Chicken Heroics is Out!
Store Page

Dual Chicken
One of the first series on the site. Features exciting, cinematic and "videogametic" battles of a psychic chicken monster. It's something I would love to go back to and remaster, but it's got a charm the way it is. A spin-off, NeoChicken, didn't really go anywhere.

Fantasy Stickers
Despite a lack of intent to actually make stickers I started making some sticker designs, but instead of boring standard things I decided on Fantasy Characters.
Princess - Vampire - Knight - Wizard - Thief - Dragon - Merchant - Healer - Barbarian - Jester - Monk

An underdeveloped black and white comic with a rushed ending. Somewhat a shame. I delayed so long that I forgot the plot and had to just wing it at the conclusion.

A battle between summoned monsters. Will the Rookie and his Chicken-like summon HERO be able to win?

Same Chicken
A rambling collection with a steady subject matter explored through a myriad of styles.

Shades McCoolguy
Shades McCoolguy is an interesting series in that it is essentially a series of the same picture with small changes and a recolors. Originally a stand alone piece the series continued with the plot arbitrarily developing.

Herbs and Spices Trilogy
Black and White Trilogy
Cajun Queen Trilogy

Misc. Collections

Stealth Ace
The truest hero of the site. He really ought to be arbitrarily hidden in other things, but whenever I draw those sneaky eyes they become the focal point of the picture.

The Captain
Pirates. Treasure. The Sea. The Captain strives forward in the face of adversity.
On The Bow - Mutiny - Overboard - Down Below - Under The Sea - Blood In The Water - Going Deeper - The Treasure - Surfacing

The Rooster Mask
This most certainly didn't start as a set, but I did one, then immediately followed up, then I inexplicably came back to it years later, so now it counts as a collection.
BORING COME BACK! - Exciting Come Back - Son of Rooster Mask - Rooster Mask vs Dark Fowl

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