Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I draw crappy chickens in MS Paint. This is a skill that I feel should be shared with the world. On that note I'd LOVE to hear any comments. One's like "You suck" or "You cant draw fag" are most appreciated though I would prefer you use good grammar when mocking me. Any non-insulting comments can sound however you want, like "Aagskjlgfnaks w00t" or whatever you cool kids say these days.


  1. I like this chicken's eager pose. I also like its three feathers. Thank you for making this chicken. You are a pretty good chicken maker.

  2. Thank you Annie! Weird to get a comment on a post this old, but I appreciate it no matter what posts get talked at.

  3. Kaloo, I honestly didn't expect to stumble upon you elsewhere in the internet, but it seems fate desires us EXE folk to keep in contact. I hope you still remember me, or else this would be quite awkward.

    I actually found this place by chance while reading Hyperbole and a Half, which actually has far less to do with chickens than this. I must commend you, though, on cornering the niche that is production of chickens.

    - Yoyoman

  4. YOYOMAN! Of course I remember you. Make a blog and we can be blog friends.

  5. Fail Whale is appreciative of your chicken-drawing skills.

  6. Three thoughts:
    1. From humble beginnings, you have produced a wonderful collection of chickens. You, sir, are an inspiration to us all! :)

    2. It would seem that much of your audience comes over from Hyperbole and a Half. I, too, was redirected from there.

    3. Have you heard of the web comic Savage Chickens by Doug Savage? You two should get to know each other!

  7. The things "cool kids" tend to say today are stuff like "My mom makes the BEST scrambled eggs ever". At least, that's what cool kids say at my school.
    By the way: Your chickens are amazing.