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Chicken Maker
January 08, 2014

Shades McCoolguy VII: Magenta Journey

The last part of Shades McCoolguy was posted back in 2011. As such there were a few things that bothered me looking at it. Now, I'm not so sure that most of you were here to see the last part so I'll fill you in part of the gimmick for Shades McCoolguy is that it's versions of the same picture. As such I was a bit reluctant to make any real changes to it, but in the end I did redraw part of it, though for the most part it is the same as before. So, catch up on the series before reading. This is the beginning of the Cajun Queen Trilogy.

His investigation of the sailor man led him deep into the secrets of the Cajun Queen. Having boarded the ship he didn't have much of a choice at this point. Shades McCoolguy, a chicken who had in the past straddled the line between good and evil, had successfully fought back against many fowl villains in his day and this would be much the same.
Hearing the troubled clucks of those trapped on the ship he could only choose to ignore them. By the end of the day they would be fried, and if he was noticed here he would be stuck in the same boat as them and then he couldn't expect to help anyone. He was going to save them though. Just not yet.
It was an unfortunate coincidence that the ship started to move so soon after he boarded. The sailor didn't realize that he was on board after all. Shades didn't really have any sea legs to speak of so this could only lead to trouble. The chicken was on the move because there wasn't really any other choice.

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