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Chicken Maker
January 23, 2014

Card Games

You may recall that about 2 weeks ago I told you that I was working on a card game. In this post I will have some follow-up on that. But first check out this card game anime chicken. Feel free to consider this a parody of YuGiOh, Cardfight Vanguard, Duel Masters, YuGiOh and other such shows. I think it looks pretty good. The plot is simple. He draws a card, immediately plays it, and wins to the irritation and confusion of his competitor. Probably also saves the world somehow.

Now, back to my other thing. In Chicken Maker Card Game, which really needs a better name, there are 3 kinds of cards.  Leaders, Support, and Flash. Leader Cards only have an effect when they are in the Leader position. Support Cards only have an effect if they are in the Support Position and Flash Cards have an effect when played at any time or when used int he support position. Now you can put support cards in Leader positions or Leaders in Support position, though there isn't much point in the latter aside from a couple of specific cards. Anyways I need to make more cards. Right now I only have 36 of them and I want each player to have at least a 20 card deck.

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