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Chicken Maker
January 31, 2014

Shades McCoolguy VIII: Cyan Sea

Also, if you're curious, the 9th part and end of this trilogy will be yellow.
The sailor walked the ship, unaware that Shades had boarded before he left. Left to his devices the ones that had been caught and loaded onto the ship earlier would be in trouble. Using the whole of his abilities to hide. He had to get rid of the sailor or it would be trouble for the ones locked up here.
He was starting to wonder why he had taken this job at all. It was because of what he'd done back when he worked for the colonel, of course. Shades McCoolguy was distracted by these thoughts, and that's why the sailor managed to catch him. The butcher's knife in that man's hand left a pair of cuts on Shades' chest. This would be the end of this. One way or the other. Shades' plans were tossed to the wayside now.

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