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Chicken Maker
January 28, 2014

Card Game Name

Chicken Maker Card Game just doesn't seem like a particularly good name for a game. Needs to be a big splashier. Something like Chicken Draw! or Cluck: The Chicken Maker Card Game. Actually I think I kind of like those mashed together. Chicken Draw! and then I can subtitle it The Chicken Maker Card Game. Anyways the game's not really done yet so I suppose the name isn't needed right away. I did want to know if you guys had any ideas though. After all my fanbase, which I used to and generally still do consider imaginary, is a creative resource I should exploit.


  1. I'm not sure what a lot of those numbers on the card mean

  2. You should call it Cluck in the US and Chicken Draw in other countries

  3. Good point AlixeTiir. I'll add some symbols to that I suppose. So you know the lower left number is Attack and the upper right is Cost.