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Chicken Maker

Look At All This Stuff

As I've gone I have multiple times stared at the screen for a while then decided it was time to mix it up with some sort of project.  This page is where I keep those in order for myself and let all of you catch up on anything that looks interesting to you. (Last Updated on March 5, 2016)

Ongoing Projects

The grand epic of the greatest of Fowl, BEOCHICKEN
Coloring Book
??? It's coming. Promise.

Promo Cards
Nice pretty cards designed to be handed out as advertisements or left on random tables at universities and public libaries. Maybe even pinned to a bulletin board.
Zodiac Pals
The adventures of a chicken and his friends the lovely couple snake and ox. Based on the Chinese Zodiac, as presented on a place mat
Completed Projects

Alphabet of Chicken
It's the Alphabet, but with more Chickens. COMPLETE!

Count The Chickens
We have the alphabet from A to Z. Now let's count 1-2-3. 
Chicken Draw: The Chicken Maker Card Game
A remake/reimagining of a card game I released ages ago.

Chicken Heroics
The development and release of the tabletop RPG Chicken Heroics. You may be a chicken, but you aren't a coward.

Dual Chicken
The exciting and cinematic and "videogametic" battles of a mutant chicken and the annotations of a detective who is hunting him down. Complete.

A Black and White Comic. A tournament between summoned gods and monsters. And fighting in it is a rookie who summoned a heroic chicken monster. Will The Rookie and Hero the chicken be able to survive the battles ahead of them!? Complete.

Same Chicken
Here I have begun the process of collecting all of the styles I've used by remaking the same basic chicken(Brown, facing left, the top of the wing visible, on a purple backdrop.) in a variety of ways. The post in the Same Chicken series that the style was put is listed beside the name of the style. Currently Complete.

Shades McCoolguy
This one wasn't even supposed to be a project but it became a cool series of images so I'm putting it here. Basically he's a tough guy detective. You'll see it from there.  Currently Complete

Herbs and Spices Trilogy
 Black and White Trilogy
Cajun Queen Trilogy

You Gotta Get To The Other Side
A Flash video game made by me. It's like frogger but you're a chicken and most of the streets make sense. Complete.
    Dropped Projects 

    Beak, The
    Drawn in a unique style, a great force of good walks the path of light in this series of annotated illustrations. Canceled. 
    Looking Fowl
    Series of vignettes based on a universe where some birds have mystical eyes. Cancelled.
    Plot 1
    An adventure on a modern day street. Cancelled. I'll try again sooner or later

    Future Projects

    I'd suspect I'll have some more Projects in the future. When I do they'll be on the blog, then they'll show up here.

    You asked for it. I'll do it. Let's string a continuity between some of these pictures!

    Short simple flash HTML5 games starring a psychic chicken?