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October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

Okay, first off I don't think this is all our fault. The world just gets hotter sometimes. I mean if we have Ice Ages why wouldn't we have hot ages. Now mind you that's not to say that it isn't at least partially our fault. Still some of the things that we've tried to do to stop it, like not let India have cars, are just rude. The United States is practically the only major country, population-wise, that even cares. While other countries are trying to improve their lives we're chastising them for things we are doing worse. If out country wants to fix the environment then they shouldn't ask others to do things that they cannot. Increasing Environmental constraints on companies is one of the things that we do, though honestly I think we should just stop complaining.

As for the picture. Well that's what this entire blog is about. I'm pretty sure we abandoned the idea that this was going to somehow cause an ice age. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to flood everything now. Still the image had stuck with me from from movies and such, like The Day After Tomorrow, which I know are wrong but that's not important. And if we want to avoid whatever it is we're plummeting toward we're going to have to go against it with a burning passion.

This post was made as part of Blog Action Day 2009

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