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Chicken Maker
October 03, 2009

Dual Chicken - Part 3 - The Beast in the Mirror

Here, I made another Dual Chicken Part. I like doing these and I don't really mind the lack of an audience. In fact that lack means I can mess around as far as working on it goes. Anyways This one's got the boring part mid-way through.

Exciting Part

Boring Part

AFEM Report: Extermination Division's Director Craig Taylor on "Dual Chicken"

We sent a sniper, but as he never reported back we immediately dispatched another mutant. It's unfortunate, but we have no choice but to use them. That Detective, Martin I believe, was given the trigger. This one should be able to destroy the "Dual Chicken" at any rate. Even if it fails that's another mutant dead though.

More Exciting Part

1 comment:

  1. I don't understand, where there two chickens? Was one destroyed? Was half of Dual Chicken's nature destroyed? Unlikely, since I've already seen part 4! The beast in the mirror, hm.

    Panel 9 down is an essay on composition.