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Chicken Maker
October 03, 2009

A Chicken Y/N

This may be my finest chicken. Of course everyone agrees that it is a chicken because it obviously is. Any dissenters are free to have their comments minds deleted for being an idiot. I can't say I approve of those who think this isn't a chicken. Those sorts are clearly not very intelligent. Oh, right this is sorta like half gritty sharpness and half pink. I think this made a nice dichotomy, and yes I know I'm completely misusing that word.

UPDATE 10/06: My friend pointed out that I marked this not chicken. As such I'm not very intelligent and can't approve of me

1 comment:

  1. I would say "chig" which kind of sounds like a venereal disease, so maybe I'd say "picken" which sounds less like a venereal disease but still kind of sounds like a venereal disease. Basically, there is no way to combine the word "chicken" with the word "pig" without it sounding like a pubic louse. "Chipigen"? Still sounds like a pubic louse.

    You're right. Let's just call it a chicken.