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Chicken Maker
October 19, 2009


Okay, we're back to full awesome. As promised this has quality. You see that shading on the chicken, right? It has Epic awesomeness. He's being chased by a demon made of fire. It even has things I didn't promise like symbolism and confusion.

The chicken is fleeing from hell, or something of that sort, where he was a prisoner being treated as a pet of sorts by the demon. However as he runs he runs somewhere that isn't even comprehendable and still just keeps fleeing because no matter how well treated he was he was still a prisoner and he needs to escape.

Oh, and if you didn't catch the symbolism even a golden collar is still a collar.


  1. I believe one can also see a look of confusion or perhaps even pain on the demon's face.

  2. Homemaker Man - you're right! Kaloo, you are the most under-appreciated artist ever. Someday you will receive due recognition for this selfless talent of yours.

  3. Oh ho, you didn't disappoint! A truly awesome piece. I especially like the background; subtle but effective.

  4. Even after your promise of quality, I wasn't expecting awesome at this level! Keep it up! (I say this retroactively, because you have already been keeping it up for about 3.75 years or so.)