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Chicken Maker
October 19, 2009

Blue Period END!

And the Blue Period is over. Picasso's lasted 5 years. Mine lasted 5 posts. Coincidence? I think so. And while I say this is the end you know what I kinda like these monochromatic pieces and might do some more some time. It'll be a more exciting color next time though. I don't really care for somber images.

Anyways next post I'm back to full awesome. The next post will be up shortly. Just as soon as I make it. And it'll have everything. It'll have quality and be awesome. And it might not have an outline. I haven't decided yet. Oh, and it'll be epic... and... uh... I'll know more once it exists

1 comment:

  1. Your site is entertaining and encouraging in a way. Thanks for making these wonderful drawings!