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Chicken Maker
December 29, 2009

Not a Video

Alrighty, I got Blogger to stop hating me. I just had to switch to the fancy In Draft Version for some reason. Of course once I was here I went. You know, I should post a video of some advanced chicken draw since I apparenlty have a video upload thing. Then I noticed it didn't work and was like "Heh..." And I started fiddling with my computer until it finally said, "Alright" At this point I hunted down the video file only to find that it had been corrupted and I couldn't post it anyways. That was really rather annoying. Not I'm gonna have to record another round of chicken make. I mean how am I supposed to deal with that sort of thing. I thought it would have been interesting too... Realy shame. Anyways this chicken is the one that my old corrupt video was of me making.

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