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Chicken Maker
December 19, 2009


On his fine... Saturday evening I have for you my good men one of those Warhol 4 panel chickens. Mind you I looked around a bit and I couldn't actually find a single one of these by Andy Warhol. Just a lot of Warhol style 4 panel things. I thought I found one but it turned out to be a nine panel thing. The whole thing makes it very hard to trust common terms when you can't find any basis for them at all.

All that having been said this piece represents the different facets of the personality of this one chicken. Just look at them one by one. The envious green, the angry red, the smooth and cool blue one and the... purple one.


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday, Mr. Warhol.

    Aug. 6,1928 - Feb. 22,1987

  2. Rock on, purple chicken. Rock. On.