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Chicken Maker
December 21, 2009

One Who Roosts

This is a rooster. He looks a bit angry, but that's just because you haven't gotten to know him yet. Under those angry solid black eyes and scowling beak he's a generous friend. He just roosts all day.

I wasn't actually sure what that word meant so I looked it up in the good old Webster online dictionary.

Main Entry: [2]roost
Function: verb
Date: 1530
intransitive verb

1 : to settle down for rest or sleep : perch
2 : to settle oneself as if on a roost
transitive verb
: to supply a roost for or put to roost

Having read this there's one obvious thing I realize... I also like to settle down for rest or sleep.

Also I may become distracted soon, but worry not compatriots. I have my big old (multi-part) Christmas Update scheduled to post on the 25th whether I remember or not.

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