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Chicken Maker
October 04, 2010

The 3 Rs

Honestly... I don't care that much about the Environment. I just do things when they're convenient but I throw piles of stuff in the trash. And I'll refill soda bottles with water for a week or the such. All in all I can't say I'm good for it. But it's good to recycle when you can, even if you don't at every chance. You don't need to be that Green, but a bit helps.

Oh, and don't give me any "Protecting the Earth" nonsense. The Earth will be fine even if we 'ruin it.' We might not be too happy if humanity can't do things like get food or breath though.

Also I can't remember the 3rd R. Reuse, Recycle... Oh yeah Reduce.


  1. I would recycle if I didn't have to personally take my recycling stuff to a plant. They don't pick it up around here....

  2. Also, green is my favorite color, so this is my favorite chicken!

  3. I totally dig your approach, Sir. I only recycle when I know my neighbors are watching me take my trash out. Which is only during daylight hours, and on the weekends.

  4. OMG its a green chicken. lol

    I chose you for the versatile blogger award!
    Go to:
    to recieve it.

  5. I'm good about the "reusing" part...but that's about it.

    I think this is my favorite chicken, but just because he called me boss.

  6. Thank you. So tired of the "green" nazis. This too shall pass.