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Chicken Maker
October 29, 2010


A chicken spouting endless gibberish. He knows all and tells all, but nobody can understand a word of it. As such everyone thinks of him as a madman, and is just glad he isn't violent.


  1. lol. I think that people see me that way sometimes! I can definitely relate!

    ....also, I miss you Kaloo! You've been so quiet lately! Both on your blog, and on mine! =p

  2. I can definitely identify with this chicken. I think it's one of my favorite I've seen so far...

    Minus the very colorful one of course :-)

  3. I literally cannot love this blog more.

  4. I just found your blog via Hyperbole and a Half. You are a force of awesomeness unleashed in the world! More! More!