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Chicken Maker
October 11, 2010

Old Paint is Better

Having seen many people doodle with MS Paint these days I said to myself, "Why are these people drawing so stupidly. They seem clever with their witty comments." Then I played on a Windows 7 computer. What the hell did they do to my beloved Paint. I mean I'd seen screen shots and things before and been kinda 'eh,' but I figured a bit of mussing with it and it'd be back to the old standard. But NO! I mean if I used the pencil instead of the brush I got rid of the anti-aliasing but that's not good enough! Whole thing just doesn't work for me.

And I hate those Ribbon Interfaces. I didn't even realize you could ruin Microsoft Office until I actually started using them regularly last year. And I just realized I whined about this before, but I feel like I should whine again anyways. Because this isn't just a chicken website. It's also an MS Paint website.

Here's a thing to get it back to the good one. I suggest all you Paint artists follow it and get back old MS Paint where there was none of that anti-aliasing and ribbons and what-not that doesn't belong in MS Paint.

Here's a chicken. Made in MS Paint. The Paint Bucket tool is dumping over his head to color him in, which wouldn't work out properly had I used the Windows 7 version of Paint.(There'd be all those little off-white fragments around the edge.)


  1. While I do love my Windows 7 and generally like using paint with the ribbon interface better than the older version of paint on my XP computer, I HATE and I mean HATE the stupid white pixels that get left out when using the paint bucket tool.

    It takes me twice as long to go back and color in those stupid white pixels...arrrrgh.

  2. You could try doing the outlines with the pencil tool. I think that would help. I mean when I was messing with it I was using someone else's computer.

  3. I have considered it....but I'm pretty lazy...and the white pixelly nonsense is only a problem for me with the hair....which isn't too bad actually...=/

  4. I love old paint. Also.... What is your obsession with chickens? Is this a personal question? Always wondered.

    Do you like eating them too or just drawing them? Or keeping them as pets.