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Chicken Maker
October 17, 2010

Gritty Abstractness

Gritty Abstractness brings forth a clear impression of a chicken, but is too far away from a clear form to truly be called as stylized presentation of such. As such it is best to think of it as being an abstract image. The heavily shaded thick black and white form leaves a strong contrast in the image and the sharp angles bring out a distinct feeling.


  1. I like it! =)

    I love your eye style. It says "I'm focused, but not angry"

  2. That is awesome. I like. :D


  3. I'm partial to super colorful things...but still pretty kick-ass!

  4. Thank you for you continued support!

    And the focused not angry eyes are hard to do. They only happen sometimes.

    Also I hear you. Super colorful it is.

  5. I quite like this one. Rather than being full of grit, I imagine this guy whooshing his comb and wattle, saying, "I... am fabulisssss."