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Chicken Maker
October 18, 2010

Banner #3

Ah yes. Another new Banner. It's been a while. It's still purple since I'm a bit too lazy to actually go through and change the skin. It's just changing from dark purple to lilac. Which is, I suppose a bit of a girly color, but I don't care. I wanted to the site to be brighter looking. I'm not sure if I like it or not. Give me some opinions on it.

Also you may have noticed my claim that the site is "The Original MS Paint Blog!" As far as I know this is true and it certainly sounds good. If you can identify one older than me I'd love to see it. Until someone does though I maintain my claim o being the original MS Paint Blog.(It is still about passion but I can't be having a bunch of taglines)

Edit: Needed a couple rounds of minor editing


  1. It is a bit girly, but your secure in your masculinity like that, so it's cool :-)

    I like it!

  2. Is the purple chicken on the left crying or dead?

  3. dear sir.

    there is a possibility that my blog may be older. But i don't have strictly mspaint pictures and the purpose of my blog is to amuse myself, but anyways.

    ps. i quite enjoy your blog.

    Sean Z

  4. Thank you ladies. I believe the purple chicken is a ghost or something.

    Well Seanzilla. You may be right. You are an older MS Paint Blog, but yours is mostly editing of pictures. Mine's MS Paint drawings. Yours is silly fun though. Shame it appears to be dead.

  5. hah, true enough. i get yelled at often