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Chicken Maker
October 12, 2010

Real Chicken Maker

Which of these is the real Chicken Maker? The great mystery of this site is obviously my true identity, so I've decided to share.

On the left is a young fellow in jeans and sneakers.
On the right is a chicken in mysterious brown.

I for one think it's probably the one on the right who is the real Chicken Maker

I dunno. I mean everybody else draws little doodles of themselves so I wanted to try doing it too...

EDIT: I hear your complaints and have attempted to correct the error.


  1. personally, i think both of them are chicken maker. i mean, we're all allowed to have slight split-personality disorder, right?

  2. Well...according to my own posts, the one on the right MUST be the real chicken maker.... just saying.

    ...although his wings make me sad a little =( They are so small and arm-like. No feathers at all!

  3. It's because the one on the right isn't a real chicken at all...

    It's the Chicken Maker in a chicken costume!!!

  4. You are right. Catherine. Horrible error of laziness. It has been rectified.