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Chicken Maker
July 10, 2010

Same Chicken Post #5 (Photoshopped)

Here we have my Photoshopped Style. It's not really something I use much. The antialiasing bothers my eyes a bit so I tend to avoid using it. Plus it makes me lazy. There's really not much to say about it. This is just my Basic style really, only I use Photoshop to make it. The eye was hard to color and I ended up having to brush it in instead of dumping. Normally I' have taken advantage of it being photoshop and applied a nifty effect(like charcoal sketch) but not as part of this series.

I can't think of any other styles I use so this is the end of the project for now. If you can then I would appreciate you linking me to an example of it(or just mentioning it) in a comment on this post. But until another one comes up this series is Currently Complete.

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