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Chicken Maker
July 06, 2010

Same Chicken Post #3 (Rounder And Cuter Style, Borderless Style, Silhouette)

Yeah, this one might not count as a style I use. I mean I've only drawn two so far, and one of them was just a bit ago. Still it was my intention from the start to use it from time to time. After all there's always room for a cuter cuddlier version of things from time to time, isn't there? Anyways to explain the basic style. First everything is rounded, plus I made the outline using the large circle brush, instead of the middle one. I like the nice round eyes, though those were a newer decision. Lastly I shaded it lightly with a lighter version of the color thinly on one edge. Plush. Plush... Plush isn't a sound effect is it?

This is one of the earliest things I tried after I started. By dropping the outlines I was able to more easily change the shapes of things to suit my needs. In my first few chickens I didn't have a very good feel for how things should be shaped so being able to change them as I went was a very helpful ability. In this one in particular there isn't much of a change from my usual style but if I were doing something fancier I'd have had to make sure not to put any similarly colored bits next to each other.

And lastly the Silhouette. I would never have been able to post up just this. The only time I really do up these sorts of things is when I'm focusing on effects in the background or something else complicated. In this case I decided to leave the eye uncolored because it looked really lazy just putting up a black blob. Anyways the difference in the creation phase is that I need to make the details more extended from the body. After all anything overlapping just gets buried and you don't see it at all. (try copying one of my other chickens into Paint and dump everything black if you don't understand)

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