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Chicken Maker
July 02, 2010

Same Chicken - Post #1 (BCM Style, ACM Style, Abstract)

Well, I'm starting a new project. One that's less 'sophisticated' and 'story having' than the others. In this project I will explore the range of my styles by remaking the exact same chicken a while bunch of times.  The chicken will be brown(if color is involved), facing left, the top of the wing visible, on a purple backdrop, with the size 242x246. Using these basic attributes I will demonstrate my artistic range of making chickens in MS Paint. I'm starting it off with three, since otherwise it would just be one chicken and not a very interesting one.
 Well, I suppose it's rather obvious that I'll be opening this project with the 'Basic Chicken Maker Style,' as I've come to think of it.  The basic style I apply is to make an outline, using the middle round brush in paint, with vague shapes for the details, such as the beak, wattle and comb. Following that I dump in colors using the paint bucket tool. I'll be honest with you. My basic style is very simple and easy to do. That's why it's the basic style.

And I'm following up on explaining the basic style with the 'Advanced Chicken Maker Style.' These tend to be more striking, with a sharper more compact appearance. I still tend toward the middle round brush while working on these. The key difference though is in the nature of the coloring. While my first step is still to dump it full of colors I follow that up with using advanced methods to shade along the edges. (The advanced method involves cutting and pasting with different colors being transparent in case you're curious)

  This isn't really one of my usual styles. I've only thrown together a few 'Abstract' chickens. I stick to what I said on the original. Abstract art is the kind of art you make when you wanna do art without actually working on the details. You just toss it together quickly leaving an impression of whatever you're designing without thinking about it too much. If you're lucky it'll look nice in the end. Yes, I know that abstract art is hard to do. You need to ignore everything you've learned in order to draw out of your usual style.

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