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Chicken Maker
July 07, 2010

Alphabet of Chicken Video

Well, I've got a video here with the good old song of the alphabet. It's all timed up with the Alphabet of Chicken that was recently finished. This is the final stage of that project. Bon Voyage alphabet. Soon this site will set sail toward a new destination, not that I know what that is. Until I know where I'm going all I can do is race blindly forward!


  1. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for reading a chicken-drawing blog, but I don't care, it's little things like these that bright my day :)

  2. I...I like the drawings and yet I'm deeply disturbed by your love of chickens....

  3. D'aww all the little chickens are so cute XD

  4. I love the video!! Super cute chicken alphabet!! It would be really cool exactly the way it is but as a font for titles for digital art! I was really hoping that your store would have some postcard prints or something because I absolutely LOVE your pics!! :)