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Chicken Maker
July 12, 2010

Same Chicken Post #6 (Sprite, Spray Style)

Dunno how I managed to forget this first one...

Ah yes. Working pixel by pixel like I did in my very first chicken. It was refreshing to roll back to it. That said it works exactly like I said. I take the smallest brush, a single pixel, and make the outline for my chicken. After that I dump in the inside. In this case I then resized it to 4x the original size and shifted it a bit in order to keep with the sizing requirements I put on myself for this project. The zoom made it look pretty tacky but I think it worked well enough. He's basically a Sprite, like in an old computer game.

This is a sprayed up one. I half-ass the outline, copy it, spray it in with the spray can tool, and then I paste the outline back on top of it. That's really pretty much it. It gives a different effect than my usual hard dumping of colors. It feels more handmade and natural. I think of it as my Spray Style.

1 comment:

  1. I like the Sprite (pixel style)! I would be very happy to see him replace the Mario figure in Mario Bros. Oh! I'll go post that as a challenge! :D