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Chicken Maker
July 08, 2010

Same Chicken Post #4 (Layered Style, Blue Period)

This is my Layered Style. I just keep on piling patterns behind patterns until it looks complicated. You see, nice simple basic style. Really the first step is to construct the basic chicken, using the basic method. After that I just have to start drawing patterns and pasting the image back over it. Really I apply that method to a lot of things, but this style was where I used it in the first place. It was a key step in the development of my style and so I keep the Layered Style in mind as something I need to remember. Also it's fun working with it.

Yeah, my Blue Period. That brings back memories of when I randomly declared it my blue period and did everything in blue for a few days. I even blued up the purple background of this one. As far as my style goes this could be more appropriately called my monochrome style but all my practice in that sort of look has been in blue(or gray in a few cases) so you know. Anyways the wide variety of shades combine together to give a look that is relatively reserved.

On a side note I figured out why I can pump these out like this. It's because I don't have to try to think of what to make. I mean I don't need to decide it's gonna be a cowboy cop on the wrong side of the law or something... I'll make that later.


  1. I love that you update so much, because when ever I go on the computer, there is something new! I love all your chickens!

  2. Hurray! I haven't had any comments in a while so it's nice to have your support Neonblack.

  3. I love the blue chicken. I love all of them....


  4. There is something about the way the layered style draws your eye... it's like a train wreck... you don't want to look, but you can't NOT look. Very advanced artistically. There is something about the patterns and the chicken that make it seem tortured... you KNOW it doesn't look like that really, but the chicken feels it looks that way, so it's like a peek into the mind of a deeply tortured soul.


  5. Thank you Toria. Glad to know that I have another person who loves them.

    And Cami, I'm glad you can see into his tortured self. The struggle between his inner and outer self.