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Chicken Maker
July 20, 2010

Flare And M-Bird

The robot on the top is named Flare. He was one of my first characters. He's a robot made by a scientist. He's powered by liquid fire. I regularly made him get upgrades and stuff. I love that guy. The right version is a modern update using my modern ability, but the left one is basically what I made back then.

And the bird on the bottom is M-Bird, who is a heavy chicken. That's how I intended him. I mean he was mostly a thrown weapon. Same as above on the updated version on the right. In the original I didn't really think of at all. I mean he had no waddle or comb even.

So yeah, this was mostly just me reminiscing about the character I made when I was a kid. You know I was like an 8 year old drawing comics in elementary school. I like Flare. He's still one of my favorites.

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