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Chicken Maker
July 01, 2010

Hero Black/White

Well, I've refined the character design for my comic character. A bit simplified. Yeah, I know I gave him some funny looking feet, but they're easy to do consistently. Also, the comic'll be in black and white(and grays). It looks nice and it's easier to make nice looking Black and White than to make nice looking color. You have to do a lot of shading work to improve the style of color. Color covers though. And my plan is to release this in chapters instead of pages like most web comics do. So, I need an opinion. Should I do all of the thumbnails going down the page or should I do a list of links or should I do something fancier? I'm not sure how that last one works but you know.

Also I killed the link within somehow, but whatever that thing was kinda stupid anyways.

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